I Voluntarily Cancel Myself!

#CancelCultute has been one of the most paralyzing movements ever to stare creatives in the face. The days when artists could express how they truly felt about something through their art forms seems prehistoric! Society has put artists in a box and made their contributions to the world an inauthentic message that's tailored to fit some... Continue Reading →

Find Your Vibe!

Sometimes, this is how I spend my Friday evenings! Okay, I spend my Friday's like this more than sometimes. Sipping on a lil rum, puffing a lil hookah and smelling the scent of my new purchased grocery market candles for $2.99. It's extremely peaceful. And, there’s nothing in the world like peace. How do you... Continue Reading →


Friendship is essential to the soul Wednesday, 1/15/2020 The importance of continuing to develop friendships is something that’s not mentioned enough! Unfortunately, society heavily supports the “lone dog” mentality - which encourages people to believe that no one can be trusted. The result, people live life in isolation, absent from genuine friendships. That type of... Continue Reading →

Be Weird!

Being called weird is by far one of the best compliments you can receive as a human. I used to think being called weird was an insult, that is until I realized people were calling me weird because I was different. How bizarre is that? To feel insulted because people acknowledged me being different from... Continue Reading →

Day 1

Hey You, You just committed to living a healthier lifestyle. You've decided to dedicate yourself to working out and eating healthier foods. Understand that from today on, you'll be tempted to retract on your commitment. You'll be tempted to say, "I'll start over tomorrow" or "this last … won't hurt." The truth is, it will... Continue Reading →

Just Create It!

There are a lot of grammatically correct books, blogs, and screenplays that are never read. Don't let your fear of misplacing a comma stop you from sharing your story with the world. The idea of perfection is often the most significant hindrance standing between a creator and his potential audience. You'll never be able to... Continue Reading →

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