What’s Wrong With The World?

I honestly believe that the reason for so much anger in the world today is because of the lack of romance and intimacy. To be clear, I’m not talking about friendship.

We’ve replaced the innate longing for intimacy and the physical presence of a human being with a mobile device that gives us unlimited information. This device has also conditioned us to settle for attention in the forms of likes, comments, and shares rather than receive validation from a person with an actual heartbeat. Men would rather like pics and send DMs than risk rejection and approach women when the opportunity presents itself.

The war of the gender has conditioned us to believe that desiring the companionship of the opposite sex makes us weak and insecure. However, our biology and genetic makeup prove that without the opposite sex, life itself cannot exist. Men need the organic essence of a woman (estrogen), and women need the natural spirit of a man (testosterone). It’s a part of our evolution as humans; always has been, always will be.

We’ve convinced ourselves to live a single and self-righteous lifestyle, believing that life is better alone than with a companion. But it was God himself who said: “it is not good for man to be alone.”It doesn’t surprise me that we believe we know ourselves better than the one who created us.

Knowledge of self is something you probably won’t hear discussed too often amongst the masses! We’ve evolved into a “We know it all society” that undervalues the importance of facing the truth and self-growth. And one of the many truths that we continue to deny is the importance of relationships and communication between men and women.

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