God, Who Am I?

“God, Who am I?” is one of the most powerful questions you can ask God! And I guarantee you the answer that you receive will shock you into greatness.

If you’re struggling with your identity, I dear you to take a few minutes each day for the next week to ponder on the question, God who Am I? Completely open yourself up to receive the answer God gives you and be sure to write them down!

I’m a man of few promises, but I’ll gladly make this one; you’ll never be the same once you ask God who you are and apply the answer he gives you to your life.

So many times, we base our worth on the opinions of so many negative people and experiences that we forget who we are and who we were created to be.

Take your power back and stop giving so much influence over your life to unqualified people. Base your identity not on who man says you are, but who the all mighty God (who dwells within you) says you are. And Just in case you forgot how unique and powerful you are, I am here to remind you that you are powerful beyond your understanding.

Embrace your flaws, your mistakes, and your insecurities. All of these things are what make you unique and different from everyone else who seeks to be identical to their peers.

It breaks my heart that so many men and women live a life to impress people who don’t care about them. You can never please the type of people who don’t care, so why continue trying? If you’re reading this blog, it’s time for you to impress yourself! What you say and believe about yourself matters more than you think it does.

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