Why Loneliness Is Neccessary

As an only child, I never really experienced loneliness. growing up. I always found ways to keep myself busy and entertain myself when people weren’t around. Not to mention, I was and still am an introvert; which means I value time alone to recharge and be one with my thoughts. However, that all changed when I became an adult into my 30s. And for the first time in my life, I was faced with an unfamiliar feeling – loneliness!

As you become more mature, you develop an identity based on your beliefs as a child and the experiences you’ve encountered as an adult. This process is what makes you who you are! The more self-aware you become, the more you find yourself tailoring your life to meet your sincerest desires. Often, this leads you to separate with people who are not on the same frequency. In other words, you’re growing apart from people. This growth doesn’t mean that one person is going down and the other up. You actually can both be going up, but one in an eastern direction and the other in a western direction.

As you grow apart from familiar faces, you’ll inevitably encounter loneliness. However, this type of loneliness should not be feared, for Isolation is essential for your growth as a person. This type of loneliness is what I like to call transcendental solitude.

Transcendental solitude is an emotional state of existence where you shed old beliefs that no longer serve you, with new ideas that lead you to become a better version of yourself.

The gap between new and old beliefs often time lead to confusion. But once you become intrigued enough about the possibilities that lye ahead, you’ll choose your new way of thinking to guide you into the future.

So the next time you feel lonely, remember you may be on the verge of breaking through to the next level of life that you truly desire!

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