Gratitude Is The Antidote For Rejection

A beautiful woman crosses your path and steals the breath right out of your lungs. After contemplating with yourself for a moment, you muster up the courage to approach her and see where things can go. She says no, or maybe she gives your her number, but you never get a response from her.

Or you’ve spent time getting to know a woman that you consider a friend and decide that you want more than just a casual friendship with her. After weeks or possible months of weighing out the pros and cons of telling her how you feel, you make your move. And she says something like this… “Oh, I think you’re a great person, but we should just be friends!” OUCH! Being vulnerable and communicating your feelings to a woman, only to be rejected can feel tragic at times. However, even though you were denied your heart’s desires, there’s still a lot of be proud of after being rejected.

The truth is that not every woman who you like will like you and vice versa. The key in both situations is to be thankful. Be thankful that someone thinks you’re attractive and wants to pursue a romantic endeavor with you. And be thankful that you dared to go after the woman who you wanted in spite of being rejected.

Many men let rejection stop them dead in their tracks. They’d rather like, comment and watch their crushes stories on Instagram than tell her how they feel about her face to face.

But not you! You were bold; you were courageous; you went after the woman you wanted. And believe it or not, the more you go after the women you want, the easier it becomes for you to take action in the face of rejection in your romantic life as well other areas in your life.

Keep shooting your shot no matter how many NOs you get! I know that rejection can get discouraging at times, but trust me, when you do get that “YES” that you’ve been seeking, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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