How About We Call It A Truce?

I think it’s safe to say that over the last two decades, both men and women have caused each other a lot of emotional pain and trauma. Look no further than social media to see just about bad things have gotten between the two sexes. Each day we’re bombarded with trends encouraging both men and women to hate each other, cheat, lie, waste time, and play games. And that’s just barely scratching the surface of all the negativity that’s out there. The lack of respect and resentment toward each other has taken the battle of the sexes to a whole new level.

I get it, men and women are suffering from broken hearts. So it makes perfect sense to put up a wall, reframe from being vulnerable and make the next person suffer for what that asshole did to you. It’s understandable, but not justified, which is why I propose that men and women call a truce and get back to loving and trusting each other the way we truly want to.

The truth is that men and women could spend hours blaming each other for what’s wrong in their romantic lives. But what’s all the blaming going to accomplish? Sure, it’d probably be a relief to spew verbal venom on the opposite sex for your aching heart, but in the end, what does it change? Not a damn thing!

My solution is to forgive those who have hurt you, take accountability for those you have hurt, and learn how to be vulnerable again. Of course, this is easier said than done. But if we can each do our part to stop the vicious cycle of hurt people hurting people, we can re-establish love and trust between the two sexes. And that love and trust will be as strong as it’s ever been.

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