Why You Should Take A Vacation Away From The Gym

For the most part, I try to maintain a clean and healthy eating diet. I allocate 4 – 5 days to the gym for around 90 minutes. However, I find that from time to time, the weekly grind of getting up early, maintaining an intense fitness routine, and saying no to all of my favorite desserts except for one meal a week can cause me to feel deprived and trapped by my fitness aspirations.

To help combat my fitness slump, I decided to take a two-week hiatus from the gym and indulge in all the goodies that I desired. As I returned to the gym after two weeks, I couldn’t help but notice how refreshed and energized during my workout.

Below you’ll find some of the physical and mental benefits that I experienced during my absence from the gym.

Eating Without Guilt
I love red velvet cake and a lot of other sweets. Most of the time, when you commit to an intense fitness plan, it can leave you with no room to enjoy your favorite guilty pleasures. During my two week hiatus, I decided to eat all the little snacks that I usually deny myself. No, I didn’t eat a whole tub of Ice cream in one serving, but having a bowl here and there along with a slice of cake made me feel good.

More Time To Explore
I work in entertainment production, so my days start pretty early and end late. Usually, I’m up for the gym at 4:40 am and in bed by 11 pm so that I can get at least around 5 – 6 hours of sleep. During my two-week hiatus from the gym, I found myself at more social events that I usually would miss due to needing to get in bed by a particular hour. I was meeting new people left and right. In the morning, I found time to sit in silence, think, read inspirational content, and meditate without the feeling of being rushed. Throughout the days, I found myself at peace and more present in the moment.

Renewed Enthusiasm For The Gym
After my two-week hiatus was over, I jumped out of bed at the first sound of my alarm clock when it was time for me to return to the gym. It felt good to add the gym back to my routine. I even missed going a little bit.

In no way am I encouraging you not to prioritize your fitness and health. But I am suggesting that you find balance and a time to eat what you like, even if it cost you a few extra calories. Moderation is essential, and so is finding a health and fitness routine that not only keeps you looking good but also makes you happy. Fitness should never make you feel miserable, and if it is, you might need to take a brief hiatus from the gym and indulge in the pleasures of life.

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