The Power Of Asking For What You Want

Maybe it’s asking out the woman who you’ve liked for a few months, but never mustered up the courage to ask her out. Perhaps it’s asking someone to look over an idea that you believe has the potential to be the next big thing. Maybe it’s merely asking for help or guidance in any area of your life that you feel inadequate, or insecure about. Whatever it is that you want to ask for, you should stop believing that you don’t deserve, and ask for it.

I’ve found that the problem with asking, isn’t asking itself. The problem is that we believe asking for what we want is a bad thing and makes us look weak. Well, that’s lie straight from the pits!

Asking for what you want is a mark of honor and courage. Asking for what you want means that deep down inside, in spite of all the doubt and negativity you’ve had to deal with in your past, you still believe in yourself. Asking for what you want means you went after it regardless of the outcome. Asking for what you want means that you can rest knowing you tried, you put yourself out there. And that in itself is worthy of a celebration. Keep asking for what you want until what you want becomes yours.

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