Just Create It!

There are a lot of grammatically correct books, blogs, and screenplays that are never read. Don’t let your fear of misplacing a comma stop you from sharing your story with the world.

The idea of perfection is often the most significant hindrance standing between a creator and his potential audience. You’ll never be able to please everyone. To think that you can is a waste of mental space in your brain. However, what you can do is create art that evokes passion within you. Regardless of what people say about what you create, your work is genuine and a mere reflection of you tapping into your creative force.

Just Make It!

If this blog, or any other material on our platform has positively influenced you in any way, please show your appreciation by making a one-time financial contribution of at least five dollars. Your contribution will allow SOIT to create content for our growing platform, curate events that are open to the public, and partner with individuals and organizations that align with our purpose to manifest visions into reality.

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