Content Is King!

How Men Become Dogs Trailer

As a content creator, I’ve always been drawn to revealing my life experiences, fears, and philosophies through the art of storytelling. And in 2012, I created a short film called How Men Become Dogs. The intention of the short film was to display some of the issues men face when dating and how those experiences affect our overall paradigm about women.

In July 2012, we had a screening for How Men Become Dogs. It was there that I met Yvette Foy, who would go on to fund and Produce the remainder of the series along with Harold Sylvester. In December of 2012, we put the short up on youtube. Within a matter of two weeks, the channel had over 1k Subscribers. In January 2013, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Issa Rae and put the series on her youtube channel, which exposed the series to a broader audience.

A lot of people loved the series, and a lot of people hated it! However, there was no denying that the content started one hell of a conversation between men and women about dating and relationships.

Fast forward three years later to 2016. After the collaboration ended with Issa in 2015, I launched my digital platform for short-form content called Macx Digital. I reposted the series there but shortly removed it as the platform didn’t perform as I had expected.

Fast forward again to October of 2018; I put the series back up on youtube. Here’s when things get funny; when I uploaded the videos, I didn’t have any subscribers, and I made all the videos private, so no one had access to the videos except for me.

In January of 2019, I logged into the youtube account, and to my surprise, the channel had just under 3,000 subscribers with one of the episodes amassing over 100k views. Of course, after seeing that, I made all the videos public. And from October 2018 to December 2019, the channel grew from 0 to over 16,000. Point being, there’s an audience waiting to consume your content and if you’re a creator, Create!

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