Each One Teach One! Monday, 1/20/2020

I love to play games. However, there is one game that’s extremely popular that I’ve never learned to play – spades!

Every time I tell someone that I don’t know how to play spades, they give me a dumbfounded look as if I’m telling them I never learned how to tie a shoe.

Through all of the reactions and responses that I’ve encountered, only one person thought to teach me how to play the game.

Point being, knowledge should be shared to create equals or successors. Not maintained to establish superiority. True leaders share.

Don’t stop believing! Sunday, 1/19/2020

No matter how tough things may get, you can never stop believing that the outcome you desire is possible.

Never Take The Small Things For Granted. Saturday, 1/18/2020

The things that start to seem small to us each day, but makeup such a big part of our daily lives, often go unnoticed. It’s not until that thing is temporarily removed that you know just how important it is to your everyday life.

Take count for everything that you’re grateful for. And remember, nothing in life is guaranteed.

Reactions Are Powerful. Friday, 1/17/2020

For every action there’s a reaction. Often times, it’s not the cause, but the effect that has the most significant impact.

I am constantly reminded that people are conditioned to see things from their point of view. And only their point of view. This type of conditioning tells me why I need to be more empathetic. Not necessarily to reason with the person, but to make more sound, split-decisions myself.

Friendship is essential to the soul Wednesday, 1/15/2020

Real friends are hard to find, so when you do find them, you should do everything in your power to nurture those relationships. Life happens, and we all get busy from time-to-time.

The daily hustle to be the best version of yourself can get overwhelming, which is why you need friends to rely on for support. Friends keep you inspired, grounded, sane, and motivated. And those are qualities we can all benefit from.

Leadership is about experience, not followers. Tuesday, 1/14/2020

Leadership isn’t always about being the person who barks out orders. Leadership is also not about how many people follow you.

An essential aspect of leadership (that’s rarely mentioned) is experience. And using your adventures in life to guide people who are facing situations that you have already conquered.

Keep this in mind, the harsh lessons that you learn today are not just random things happening; they’re an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding so that you can make sure others don’t make the same mistakes that you did. Pay it forward!

Speak to someone before you make a decision out of anger. Monday, 1/13/2020 – 11:43am PST

Just a few moments ago, I was irate at an issue that I’m working through with a car dealership. I was in the process of leaving work and driving there to handle the situation and it wasn’t going to be pretty. Something in my gut told me to explain my situation to a couple co-workers! I’m so glad that I listened to that little voice!

Not only did my co-workers calm me down, they also gave me some advice about how I should handle the situation with the dealership should things reach that point. Now, I’m no longer boiling with anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still really upset, but I’m not angry. I’m composed and thinking with a clear head. I know it’s easier said than done, but never let anger guide your decisions!

Sunday, January 11th 2020 – 4:21pm PST

#CancelCultute has been one of the most paralyzing movements to ever stare creatives in the face. The days when artists could express how they truly felt about something through their art forms seem prehistoric! Now, not a day goes by without someone complaining about something being “offensive.” People just can’t be real anymore. Society has put artists in a box, and made their contributions to the world an inauthentic message that’s tailored to fit some type of an agenda.

As a creative, the fear of speaking, writing or filming something that’s deemed offensive put a halt on my creativity. I feared being ostracized by cancel culture. But I now realize that no matter how good you try to be, you’re never going to be good enough for everyone. Someone will find something negative or offensive about the concent you put out. So, the only way for me to overcome this fear and be true to myself and the work that I put out is to voluntarily cancel myself from the culture. So, to the Cancel Culture, I voluntarily cancel myself. I couragegously accept both the rewards and consequences that come with this decision.

Saturday January 11th 2020 – 6:08pm PST

Peace of mind is one thing money can’t buy. Peace is probably one of the most unnoticed feelings a person can have. To be completely calm, and centered in the midst of tribals and tribulations around you is a blessing from the divine.

As for me, peace comes from prayer, and trusting in the Creator to provide for me as I head into the unseen. The journey can be unsettling at times, but what is life without risk? At some point in life you have to put your trust in something; so, why not put your trust in the Creator who knows you better than you know yourself!

Friday January 10th 2020 – 12:46pm PST

So, everyday for the remainder of the year, I’m going to write something on this blog. So forgive me if my thoughts seem to be flying from head in every direction like drool coming from a big dogs mouth.

Today I asked myself, ”Am I really living the life I want to live?” The answer was no! That’s the bad news. The good news is that I’ve completed the first step toward changing my outcome, which is to admit the the current one I’m heading toward isn’t the one I truly want. Looking forward to the changes.

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