Thanks Kobe!

It was the 1999 western conference semi-finals game. The Los Angeles Lakers vs. The San Antonio Spurs. The Lakers were on the verge of being swept by a technically-sound Spurs team led by the twin towers, David Robinson and rookie Tim Duncan. Although the Spurs overpowered the Lakers, one thing was for sure; number 8... Continue Reading →

Escape The Matrix of Black Masculinity!

The emotional standard that black men are held by can be quite dreadful at times, which is why I've navigated outside of the matrix that is "black masculinity. This specific matrix(false programming) conditions black men to conform to societal expectations associated with the color of their skin, rather than embrace their humanness. As I've escaped... Continue Reading →

Find Your Vibe!

Sometimes, this is how I spend my Friday evenings! Okay, I spend my Friday's like this more than sometimes. Sipping on a lil rum, puffing a little hookah, and smelling the scent of my newly purchased candles. This vibe is extremely peaceful, and, there’s nothing in the world like peace. How do you spend your... Continue Reading →


Each One Teach One! Monday, 1/20/2020 I love to play games. However, there is one game that’s extremely popular that I’ve never learned to play - spades! Every time I tell someone that I don’t know how to play spades, they give me a dumbfounded look as if I’m telling them I never learned how... Continue Reading →

Be Weird!

Being called weird is by far one of the best compliments you can receive as a human. I used to think being called weird was an insult, that is until I realized people were calling me weird because I was different. How bizarre is that? To feel insulted because people acknowledged me being different from... Continue Reading →

Day 1

Hey You, You just committed to living a healthier lifestyle. You've decided to dedicate yourself to working out and eating healthier foods. Understand that from today on, you'll be tempted to retract on your commitment. You'll be tempted to say, "I'll start over tomorrow" or "this last … won't hurt." The truth is, it will... Continue Reading →

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