No Turning Back

It's easy to run back to the familiar when things get a little shaky along our path to greatness. It seems now more than ever people are content with straddling lines of comfort and walking in the unknown. I definitely get caught up with this issue from time to time. It's just so easy to... Continue Reading →

Brick by Brick

No other way around fear, but to do the things that frighten you. Ask that woman/man out, move to that city, go to a new place, be vulnerable again. Truth is we all have fears that hinder us from reaching our true potential. What I've learned is that fear and doubt will always be there.... Continue Reading →


There may be times when what we desire seems so far away and unattainable. In moments like this, it's easy to feel defeated and let negativity permeate our minds with self-defeating thoughts. The one solution I've found for this is to rest if you must, but never quit. Remember, even the greatest fighters need 60... Continue Reading →

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