About SOIT

SOIT is a social collective of progressive thinkers with unique passions, stories, philosophies and ideas geared toward manifesting visions into reality, and spreading uplifting messages across the world. 4 SOIT ACTION ITEMS  1. Create and work diligently to manifest your thoughts and ideas into reality. 2. Bond through the exchange of ideas to enlighten the... Continue Reading →

Couch Surfing Etiquette 101

Whether you’re pursuing your dream — or trying to get back on your feet after a minor setback — it’s a good chance that couch surfing will be apart of your journey at some point. And if you’re not the one sleeping on the couch, you’ll probably be the one opening up your doors for... Continue Reading →

God, Who Am I?

"God, Who am I?" is one of the most powerful questions you can ask God! And I guarantee you the answer that you receive will shock you into greatness. If you're struggling with your identity, I dear you to take a few minutes each day for the next week to ponder on the question, God... Continue Reading →

Why Loneliness Is Neccessary

As an only child, I never really experienced loneliness. growing up. I always found ways to keep myself busy and entertain myself when people weren't around. Not to mention, I was and still am an introvert; which means I value time alone to recharge and be one with my thoughts. However, that all changed when... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With The World?

I honestly believe that the reason for so much anger in the world today is because of the lack of romance and intimacy. To be clear, I'm not talking about friendship. We've replaced the innate longing for intimacy and the physical presence of a human being with a mobile device that gives us unlimited information.... Continue Reading →

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